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Reaching OUT

Kenneth "K.J" Woodard SP '99 TU A-STATE #4 club | 08/25/2015

Just stopping by I will be on campus today interviewing with the Athletic Department. I fly back out Wednesday morning tight itinerary so no social time really available but I thought Id look the chapter up and say 11119-ohohoh06!


IVORY DANIELS | 10/27/2014


Great things are happening in Arkansas and I would like to invite you to one special event that will be happening on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at the State Capitol in Little Rock! We will be conducting a Fatherhood March and Rally to show the need to support fathers across the state of Arkansas. Our mission is to strengthen family foundations and reverse the “absentee father” trend by assisting fathers with the challenges of parenting, as well as, increasing their skills in building and maintaining healthy relationships.

I believe this initiative fits perfectly with the Chapters vision and mission statement as the State of Arkansas strives to reverse the absentee father trend. I think it would be great from a public relations perspective for the brothers to be present wearing their letters along with their sons and daughters to support this Statewide initiative. I appreciate your consideration in this matter. Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance.

Ivory Daniels
Program Administrator
Phone: 501 320-8927
Fax: 501 683-0034


Felecia Marks | 07/28/2011

Thanks for coming and volunteering at the animal shelter! Everytime you come it seems like you bring someone new! See you soon!!!!!

Hold High The Name

Erik "Big E" Green-Nwaogwugwu | 07/22/2011

Good Job Frat, and keep up the good work..

Looking Good

Jabari Douglas | 07/20/2011

I just wanna say keep up the good work and to continue representing how african american males should be!

Good Job

Jacobie Webb | 07/20/2011

I just wanted to say that the Alphas have been very helpful to not only me but students across the campus. I can say that they are not just about wearing the tshirt but really stand for what they believe in. Good job on the site and to you guys as well!!!!

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